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Cost Segregation

Get significant savings with this engineering-based tax strategy


Receive a $2,000 per unit tax credit when your building qualifies

Data Analytics

Make intelligent business decisions with the data you collect

Specialized Tax Services

Let our experts take care of answering the complex tax questions

About Us

When you work with the Scarpello Consulting team, you’ll work directly with professionals who bring hands-on experience with construction and engineering to your project. Our tax experts and engineers have a broad range of experience across all industries. Every member of the Scarpello team brings expertise directly to you so your project is completed efficiently with the maximum tax benefit to you.

Dedicated In‐House Tax Team

Partner with a team that has extensive estimating, engineering, and construction experience. We will complete your study, report, or analysis accurately in a manner acceptable to the IRS. Unlike other providers, we have a dedicated in‐house tax team whose sole practice is understanding the tax laws. This team reviews every project and answers every question.

20+ Years In Business

Scarpello Consulting opened its doors in 2001 after creating the strategy behind Cost Segregation studies. Key members of leadership come from the “Big Four” accounting firms and other large businesses, so they have a unique base of expertise to take full advantage of the taxpayer privileges provided by the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) and reported regulations.

10,000+ Successful Studies

Using a proven turn-key process to complete our Cost Segregation studies, you can be confident that we will complete our tasks efficiently. We pride ourselves in providing reports that are completed on-time, on-budget and without risk. Plus, with our fixed fee structure, you pay when the project is complete - no upfront fees or progressive billing.

100+ CPA Partnerships

We are not a CPA firm. Instead, we work collaboratively with CPAs who do not have the specialized tax law expertise to offer these services. Think of us as your silent, back-end partner who is there to help you identify opportunities and provide your clients with extensive tax savings. We do all the work, and you get all the praise.

Featured Projects

A few of our most recent studies will show you just how effective our process is. By applying a Cost Segregation study, you can maximize your inherent tax benefits by identifying, classifying, and segregating the personal property components of the building. This results in accelerated depreciable lives of 5, 7 and 15 years thus saving thousands of tax dollars.

Our Services

Let our multifaceted team and our select partners enhance your business. Look to us for business valuations, property tax assistance, research and development and more.

Cost Segregation

Cost Segregation is an engineering-based, tax savings tool to help companies that have acquired, renovated, constructed, or expanded real estate to reduce current income tax liabilities by accelerating depreciation deductions for qualifying components.
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§45L Tax Credit

The New Energy Efficient Home Credit under Internal Revenue Code §45L allows qualified dwellings to receive a $2,000 per unit tax credit. You must be an eligible contractor of a building that is less than four stories, has at least 40 units and has an energy consumption at least 50% below that of a reference unit.
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Data Analytics

Your CPA practice management software collects a variety of data points, but it lacks the proper output tools. With our data visualization tool that sits on top of your current practice management system, you can instantly analyze the data and make intelligent, strategic business decisions about your firm's health.
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Specialized Tax Services

Our dedicated in-house tax team is here to answer any of your tax code-related questions, even if you aren’t current engaged in a contract. And if any of our studies or reports comes under an IRS audit, we are there to handle the process for you regardless of when the study was completed.
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Tax Knowledge

Whenever a new tax law is passed, our legal experts create white papers that explain how it will affect the services we provide. These pieces of knowledge are invaluable and available to everyone.
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Additional Services

Let our multifaceted team and our select partners enhance your business. Look to us for business valuations, property tax assistance, research and development, and more.
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The leadership team at Scarpello Consulting collectively has over 100 years of experience offering Cost Segregation studies and other tax-saving measures. Let these experts lead your next project.
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