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Multiple Tax Benefits Are Available

From updated §45L guidelines to the HUD MIP Reduction Program to state and local incentives, the Scarpello Consulting team stays abreast of the ever-changing green energy incentive landscape. Consult with us before starting any major construction project so we can advise you on the best ways you can save.

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Let's Discuss These Green Energy Programs And More

The following outlines some of the incentives available. General descriptions are provided, but many have nuanced rules and guidelines.

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Certify your property as Energy Star or Zero Energy Ready and receive a $500-$5,000/ unit federal income tax credit for energy efficient homes.


The HOME ($2,000-8,000/ dwelling unit) or HEAR (up to $14,000/ dwelling unit) rebates are available under the Inflation Reduction Act.


The HUD Green & Energy Efficient Housing MIP Reduction Program is for borrowers utilizing FHA-insured financing for multifamily properties.

Fannie Mae

Apply for lower interest rates through Fannie Mae Green Mortgage Financing for Energy Star-certified properties.

Freddie Mac

The Freddie Mac Green Advantage Financing offers discounted loan pricing and easier access to PACE financing for qualifying C-PACE programs.

Low Income Housing

Many state allocating authorities have green building and energy efficiency criteria attached to a Low Income Housing Tax Credit as a way to reduce OpEx costs.

Local & State

Depending on the location of your project there may be incentives such as state tax credits, sales tax exemptions, or utility company rebates.

Local Code Testing

Some local jurisdictions have mandatory testing requirements that can be satisfied through a green building certification process and afford you additional incentives.

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