Start Seeing Your Data Differently

Knowledge Is Power...And Knowledge Comes From Data

Your practice management software focuses on input. It allows you to track a variety of data points but lacks the proper output tools to analyze the data and make intelligent, strategic business decisions about your firm’s health.

Now you can gain a strategic operational advantage without having to replace your existing practice management system or disrupt how your employees operate. Visit our sister company, Scarpello Group, to learn more.


Simply apply our data-visualization solution to easily access your data and automatically pull it into an interactive, online dashboard. Then let your dashboard tell you:

How much revenue is trapped in Work In Progress (WIP)?

Is a team projected to complete a project within the estimated scope of work or should we make adjustments?

What is our billable vs non-billable hour ratio as a firm? By team member? By job title? By location?

Which clients produce the most revenue? Is the right team mix working on those clients? Do the most profitable clients have the best payment history?

Stop Asking Questions.
Start Getting Answers.

Your data is ready to be understood.
Don’t wait any longer.