Offer Cost Segregation Without Being An Expert

Sometimes there are services you wish you could offer to clients that require a level of expertise you just don’t have.  Partnering with Scarpello Consulting allows you to provide Cost Segregation Studies with confidence.

Know that we are not a CPA firm. We simply work collaboratively with CPAs who do not have Cost Segregation expertise. Think of of us your backend partner who is there to help you understand how to identify opportunities and help your clients reduce their tax liabilities.

Do you have a client who falls into one of these categories? If so, they could benefit from a Cost Segregation Study. And when you partner with Scarpello Consulting, you can confidently bring those savings to them:

  • Constructed a new facility
  • Acquired an existing facility
  • Renovated or expanded a facility or has future plans to do so
  • Built or purchased buildings or facilities in the past and has not performed a Cost Segregation Study

The Process

Once you identify a client who meets the criteria, the process starts with assigning an engineer who will perform an initial estimate (at no cost to you or your client).  Once that is complete, you will receive a benefit analysis, along with our fee estimate and total estimate for the project.

Upon approval to move forward, our team leads the collection of documents needed to complete the project. Your assigned project manager will travel to your client’s property to perform a site tour followed by a draft report to you for review.  Finally, you receive a final report and together we deliver the report to your client along with a discussion of our findings.

Your New Revenue Source

It is not unreasonable for each CPA partner and manager to have at least one client that can benefit from a Cost Segregation study. And with an average fee of $13 – $15,000 per study, that’s significant revenue to your firm’s bottom-line. Let’s work together so you can offer Cost Segregation Studies.

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